Welcome to the site, behind the name, Mummy Blogger Sydney. 

I’m Steph, a former teacher, current stay at home mum of two, living in Sydney.

My Motherhood journey began in 2014, with my son Hunter, and then doubled in 2015 when our daughter Harper was born. Ever since then I’ve been winging my way through motherhood and documenting the journey along the way.  Life was IS crazy at times, but it’s the most beautiful kind of crazy.

Mummy Blogger Sydney began in 2016, as a substitute for my personal diary that I’ve been writing in all my life. For me, writing is my release. It’s a way for me to gather all my thoughts and emotions and sprawl them all over a page.

I can’t promise you that what you read will always be thought-provoking, life changing or make any sense, but I do promise that it will always be honest.

So here it is, the life of an everyday mum, living an everyday life, blogging about everyday moments.

Sending you love,