Cafés and kids. 

This is for every parent who has ever taken toddlers out to a cafe/restaurant/event where they are required to sit for more than five minutes.

Let’s face it. They’re kids. They’re meant to be loud, inquisitive and adventurous. But sometimes it would be nice to head out and actually SIT, eat and catch up with your friends, family or partner.

Before kids, hubby and I would dine out often. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and if I could twist his arm dessert too.  

After kids, we still continued to do this. Sometimes is easier than others but we’ve never stopped or not taken the kids with us. We’ve also never (ok almost never) given them an ipad or phone at the table. It’s a rule in our family. When we eat we don’t use technology.  I know how much of a life saver giving a child a phone/tablet can be, so I’m not judging. However one thing I will never leave the house without is our Activity Bag. 

The name speaks for itself. It’s a bag filled with activities that we take to cafes. The activities in there are only for cafes, so they aren’t ones they play with all the time and get bored of at home. I also change them up when I find something I think will fit well!

Here are a few of the items that rarely leave our bag:

1. No Mess Water Art set.

Whoever came up with this is a genius. Fill the little pen with water. Let the kids “paint” over the white card. A picture will appear when wet. It then dries and can be reused a million times.

2.  Magnetic fishing game.

Again…genius. Comes with 2 rods, 12 foam fish that entertain for ages!

3. Sticker books.

Always a great thing to have. These in particular have stickers and activities which is great!

4. Threading animlas.

Animal cut outs with holes. Shoe laces also provided to practise those fine motor skills and thread the string around each animal!

5. Notebook and pencils.

Your standard go to activity.  Let them create whatever they like.

All the items above (minus the bag) have been purchased from Kmart. (Not a sponsored post (I wish) just amazing stuff!) Most of them aren’t online so here’s another reason to visit your local Kmart 🙌
The bag is personalised from Small Print design and can be found here.

If you haven’t got yourself an Activity Bag already, trust me you need it. It’s a cafe game changer & above all LIFE SAVER. 

(You can thank me later 😉)

Sending you love,



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    1. It really is a lifesaver Courtney! We don’t leave the house without it and 90% of the time it keeps them entertained long enough to eat our food hot! You can add whatever works for your children. So good!

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