Let’s Talk….ME TIME

Let’s Talk…


We all know that the realm of motherhood often takes over every aspect of your life, but it is SO important to still take care of YOU. 

Taking time for yourself everyday, every week or every once in a while gives you the break you need to recharge and continue being the best parent you can be.

It may be as simple as 5 minutes every day or 5 hours out and about a month.

 So, what does your “me time” look like?

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Let’s talk….. BIRTH

Let’s talk…birth stories.

Experience is the best teacher and with the abundance of contradictory facts out there, I find it settling to learn and listen to real life experiences. (Keeping in mind everyone is different)

Help a mum to be out, by sharing your stories in the comments below. Here’s a few questions to get you started:

My labour was…….. min/hours/days

I had a birth plan……

I USED my birth plan…..

I took some sort of pain relief offered…..

During labour I swore I’d never have another child (but I did)……

If I could tell you ONE thing about birth it would be……
Leave your replies below 👇 
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