Rescue Mumma


A choice you make everyday to put someone elses needs and well being above your own.”

This quote couldn’t be more accurate. From the moment you enter the realm of motherhood, you will undeniably come second…or third…or fourth 😂 

You get the gist. 

However, you ALSO can’t pour from an empty cup, so taking care of YOU and taking time for YOU is ever so important.

Enter “Rescue Mumma” (the name speaks for itself.)

A little box of goodness to “rescue” any mumma. Full of products to pamper, soothe and endulge the new mummy, the breast feeding mummy or give any mummy some time out every month.

Kimberly, the founder of Rescue Mumma has created an absolute genius product focused on mums, who are, as we know, often left behind.

The boxes can be purchased as gifts OR you can sign up to the monthly subscription box to treat yourself. $1 from each box is also donated to the Baby Give Back organisation, who is committed to helping struggling mothers and their babies. 

I have had the pleasure of being sent this months box and I am loving using the range of products supplied. The products in the subscription box change every month, which is so good as you can pamper yourself in different ways.

From the lip balm, face mask, and body scrub, to a bracelet which compliments any outfit as well as a few sweet pieces of goodness (a hot chocolate stick and some super yummy fudge.) 

The products have been a god send when I need a little pick me up, or a little time out. They are of the highest quality and have been guaranteed to make me feel a little special whenever I needed it. They are easy to use little indulgences that you can pick up at any time and conveniently use at home. 

The box also contains a little info card with the details of each business, so you can then purchase the products you thoroughly enjoyed straight from the featured small business. 

Rescue Mumma is the perfect gift for any mother, and definitely reminds you to make the time for yourself. 

You can find out more about this amazing box HERE.

Use “LAUNCH5” at checkout for a little discount off your order.

Also, head to our instagram page @mummybloggersydney to be in the running to win a box! 

Make YOU or a fellow mumma a priority today and order yourself a box.

Sending you love,



Get Ready for School Australia

There is nothing I love more than a good educational resource!

As a former Primary School teacher myself (fun fact in case you didn’t know) I have always had a strong passion for learning and education. There is no greater achievement in life, than watching the face of a child accomplish something they have been working on. This passion of mine was heightened ten fold, when I became a mother myself.

I’m always on the look out for great teaching and learning resources to stimulate my children’s minds, but more importantly instil in them a life long LOVE of learning. This is why I am SO excited to have come across the “Get Ready for School Australia” program.

The program has been developed by an early Childhood teacher; Anne-Marie and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum. It has been designed in a way that is easy and comprehensive for  parents to use at home, making getting ready for school and learning in general, FUN and ENGAGING.

We have been using the Early Learning Pack at home and I can not recommend it highly enough.  Hunter is currently 3.5 years old and he has absolutely loved the activities. We have been working on Numeral Formation and Name Writing.

The Complete Get ready for School Australia Program includes a personalised first name writing card set. This resource is 6 pages of guided name writing sheets for your child to practice. I have laminated a set, and so we can reuse them multiple times and Hunter loves using the markers!

All the activities are well produced and of high quality but most of all, easy enough for parents to do without the usual struggle!

Even though Hunter is not starting school next year, I have briefly covered some of the activities in the “How to get your child ready for English” and “How to get your child ready for Mathematics” as well. (there is also a science one, we haven’t covered just yet)

What I absolutely love about these, is that the program outlines the expectation from the Australian Curriculum at the top, gives you a task to complete, and at the end also supplies ways in which you could support your child’s learning. Most of the activities are things you could do while out and about or as you go along your normal day to day life. The benefit of this is not only can it be done anywhere and anytime, but most of the time the kids are having so much fun they don’t even realise they’re learning!

“Behind every young child who believes in themselves, is a parent who believed first”

So because I love this SO much I have a special discount code for you all. Use “EXPO17” at checkout to receive $30 off the COMPLETE collection (normally $129.95) and FREE shipping Australia Wide.

Click HERE to find out more.

This is not something you want to miss out on, so get in quick!

Sending you love,





​The topic of technology and screen time for kids is a controversial one.

However in the world we live in today and the way we are headed, technology IS the future, so there’s no time like the present to embrace it.

I have never had an issue with iPads or tv. I think moderation (with everything) is important as is setting a positive example. I can’t expect my kids to not use the iPad or watch tv when they see me doing it. My son (2 yrs old) has had his own iPad since his 1st birthday. It is filled with educational apps and you tube kids. We do many activities together and he does many on his own. My daughter (almost one) loves to join in as well, so when the team from KidloLand asked us to review their app we were excitied!

KidloLand has won the “Academics choice smart media award 2016” for a good reason; It is beyond AMAZING! I can’t think of a topic that it doesn’t cover. There are 20 different sections all with interactive components. These are:

Nursery rhymes (78 of them in total)

Stories (45 in total)


ABC songs

Games (24 in total)

Activities (10 in Total)

Occupations (60 in total)

Wheels on the bus

Weather and seasons

Old McDonald songs



Animal kingdom

Fruit and vegetables

Row your boat

Numbers 1-100

Lullabies (10 in total)

Colours and shapes

Months and days

Christmas songs

KidloLand adds new content quite regularly and has a high educational focus. As a primary school teacher and owner of a tutoring centre I am familiar with a number of apps used in classrooms for educational purposes. KidloLand is one of the apps I have added to my “recommended app list for parents.” It is aimed at kids 5 and under, however I have used it in a kindergarten setting and it has also worked well. I have also made it a part of our pre-kindergarten program as it supports the children’s learning and prepares them for iPad use in the school setting.

Each section offers an interactive part that encourages kids to have a go and review what has been taught. The songs have words for you to follow along to (or learn) and when reading stories you have the option to read it yourself or have the story read for you. The entire app is colourful, easy to use, structured and above all FUN. This is the most important aspect for me, as making learning fun stimulates children to develop a LOVE for learning.

Another feature I love about the KidloLand app is that you can create your own playlist. You can add your child’s favourite 25 songs, stories or activities for them to explore with. This is fantastic as it ensures all the top pics are right at your child’s fingertips and stops the toddler tantrum when they can’t find “their” song in 1 second flat! It also has a parental lock on it so the kids can’t access the settings section without competing the maths problem!

The only downfall for us in Australia, is that it uses American spelling. For my kids who are still too young to notice, it isn’t an issue, but for those a little older it provides another teaching point for you to remind children that sometimes different countries have different spelling for certain words.

Overall KidloLand has been a huge hit in our house and with the children I teach. It is available to download from iTunes, Play store and Amazon. The app is free to download and this version provides you with a range of free activities to try out. Then, if you love it as much as we do, you can purchase a subscription.

We have teamed up with KidloLand to provide 3 lucky readers with a FREE 3 month subscription. (Valid internationally)

See our instagram post for all the details. Winners will be announced on 26th October 2016. In the meantime download the app using the links below.

iOS (KidloLand) :

Google Play Store (Nursery Rhymes For Kids):

Amazon Appstore (KidloLand):

Sending you love,








Have you ever wondered why someone hasn’t opened an indoor play centre that isn’t an eye sore or filled with an abundance of germ attracting equipment?

I have.

And finally I’ve found a play centre with a difference!

Nubo in Alexandria, Sydney, is an indoor centre like no other. From the second you walk through the doors you’re flooded with a calming aura.

It’s absolutely beautiful!

Upon entry parents and children are required to take off their shoes, leaving them in the little cupboards;

The design, colour scheme, work stations and areas are all created to allow children and parents to experience play together and “exercise their imagination.”

You can read in the library;

(in a hot air balloon!)

Build in the blue room;

Create in the art studio;

(Which also offers facilitated workshops so check what’s on before you visit so you don’t miss out!)

Climb the ropes;

(Suitable for older kids. NUBO recommends children over 4 years old, unless a parent climbs with them.)

Imagine in the dramatic play room;

(Kitchens, market stands, train tracks, cars, dolls the works!) 

Or my kids favourite…

Float and slide in the ball pit;

Like all play centres, no food is allowed but there’s also a super trendy cafe inside, offering a selection of healthy drinks and snacks for all.

Nubo is open everyday from 9am-5pm and is situated at Unit 201, Building 2/160 Bourke Rd, Alexandria.

All further information on pricing, party packages, and workshops they run can be found on their website

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and lock in a play at Nubo. It’s definitely one of the Top 5 places to visit with kids in Sydney.

We for one can’t wait to head back to

 “the place with all the blue balls.”

Sending you love,



P.s. In case you were wondering, “Nubo” means cloud.