Let’s Talk….ME TIME

Let’s Talk…


We all know that the realm of motherhood often takes over every aspect of your life, but it is SO important to still take care of YOU. 

Taking time for yourself everyday, every week or every once in a while gives you the break you need to recharge and continue being the best parent you can be.

It may be as simple as 5 minutes every day or 5 hours out and about a month.

 So, what does your “me time” look like?

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13 thoughts on “Let’s Talk….ME TIME”

  1. I only realised the value and importance of me time when my eldest was 2. It took me that long to not feel guilty about taking time for me. These days it looks like a wash and blow dry once a month as well as a manicure and pedicure. It’s pure bliss!

  2. Sometimes I sacrifice that load of washing in the day to just enjoy a hot cuppa when the kids are asleep or resting.

  3. My me time is a hot cup of coffee, a good book to read in quiet! It’s rare but so important to me to have time to myself, even if it means staying up that little bit later to enjoy it!

  4. I wake up at least half an hour before everyone else does to get everything ready for the day. It may not seem like ‘me time’ but it’s nice to take it slow and not have to worry about what the kids are doing.

  5. This is such a great topic 🙂
    My me time nowadays is when all the kids are in bed and I get to sloth and just do nothing but sit. Once i stop breastfeeding I hope to go to the movies or even have a night out with my gfs.

  6. I try to use day naps as a time to recharge… however I often find I do chores instead. 😐
    My weekly ballet class is an amazing way to recharge. ☺️

  7. So true! I still struggle with me time tbh.. now I try and book my hair in every 2-3 months (didn’t do it for almost 2 years so we’re taking baby steps haha). I also enjoy getting out in the garden whilst the cherub is sleeping as I find it quite relaxing

  8. I’ve actually been drafting a blog post on this very topic! So I can tell you that ME time for me is the following.

    – I must go to pilates once a week! If I don’t watch out because I go cray-cray.

    Then there is the grooming:
    – Pedicure every six weeks
    – Manicure every three weeks
    – Eyebrows every four weeks
    – Regular haircuts
    – I love putting on a fake tan at home if i get time

    – Go out for the day with a friend

    – Take time out to write for my blog
    – Read books!
    – A random day away somewhere doesn’t matter where (I do love Day Spas though!)

    – Having some alone time every now and then, it doesn’t matter what I am doing, so long as I am ALONE and not interrupted.
    – A cup of tea in silence
    – Oh and regular sleep ins, or day naps! If Little Miss is having a nap and I feel a little tired, I just take a nap too. Life is too short, right?


    xx Nina

  9. Love this mumma x I make sure I get me time as everyone around is better if for it. I like to have an extra 10 mins in bed – by myself 🙌🏻 Hubby will take the kids and do breakfast while I get some alone time and then shower. I see it as that’s his time with the kids 😂😊

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